Shakespeare is a follow-up project of sorts to the contemporary work of Prague-based composers. Duo Teres has collaborated with Lucie Silkenová, a renowned soprano, and prompted a number of composers to set Shakespeare’s sonnets to music for soprano, violin and guitar. The music was composed by Lukáš Hurník, Juraj Filas, Zdeněk Merta, Ondřej Kukal, Matej Benko, Martin Brunner and Jiří Chvojka.

Prague Kaleidoscope

Prague Kaleidoscope has been taking shape since 2011. The first, title piece of music was written by Israeli composer Jan Freidlin. Over the time, Duo Teres has commissioned more pieces to be composed by a number of Prague-based jazz and classical music composers. The classical compositions were written by Lukáš Hurník and Ondřej Kukal, while the jazz pieces were composed by Karel Růžička, Martin Brunner and Matej Benko. Prague Kaleidoscope is an original project in classical music and the album Prague Kaleidoscope was positively received by both Czech and international music press.

Orchestral project

This programme was created in 2014 when Duo Teres teamed up with Radom Chamber Orchestra (Poland) and conductor Jakub Bokun. It consists of Astor Piazzolla’s double concerto Hommage a Liége and Prague Kaleidoscope, a suite for two instruments and orchestra by Israeli composer Jan Freidlin. Both compositions were performed several times in the Czech Republic by Duo Teres, the Moravian Chamber Orchestra and conductor Richard Kružík.